AS A STAY-AT-HOME MOM with three busy boys I find I never have enough time to shop for myself. Okay, I probably do have the time but my priority is never shopping. When I do get a chance to get to the mall I find I am always in a hurry and I tend to choose things that resemble what is already in my closet. So basically I have more of the same clothes to stand in front of when I am deciding what to wear in the morning! Then came Shona. In the 2 hours that I shopped with Shona I found 4 (!) pairs of great fitting jeans, all different cuts and brands. As well as 2 shirts and 1 blazer that is so versatile I can wear it with anything. Shona made my shopping experience fast and easy, she basically did all the work. I stayed in the fitting room and the clothes came to me! I can honestly say the number of items I walked out with that day would have taken me numerous shopping trips had I been alone. Not only that, I would have walked out with jeans in the size that I have been wearing all my life, who knew I was wearing the wrong size?! Shona gave me quick tips on how to put outfits together and how to find the right size and fit of jeans for my body type. Thanks Shona, now I don’t have to waste my time figuring out what to wear in the morning. Even as a busy Mom I can feel and look put together!

– Marie from Mississauga, Stay at Home Mom


I’M A LATE 20’S, SINGLE, career woman and I love to shop! Problem is, I don’t always branch too far out of my conservative style and have trouble envisioning different fits and trends on myself. This often results in a waste of time and money, as I find myself going around in fashion circles! That’s when a friend suggested I try ‘Shop With Shona’ and see how much more efficiently I could shop with the guidance of a strong personal consultant. I booked my experience via email and was impressed at Shona’s quick and friendly response. In person, Shona is just as friendly and she’s fun to shop with! I came out of the shopping trip with clothes that I wouldn’t have normally tried on, but loved as soon as I did. Shona listened to what my style dilemma was and used her expertise to find pieces that work with my current wardrobe, update it, and fit my body well. Thanks Shona! See you next time!

– Claire from Brampton, Young Executive


Every once and a while we come across an individual that exemplifies all the traits of a great business profile. Shona Cruz is that someone, she gets it! Every business needs commitment and hard work, goes with out saying, but Shona brings a level of excitement, enthusiasm and savvy to her business that will see her thrive in the world of custom clothing. Get ready GTA, Shona will be calling.

– David E. White , Menswear Boutique Owner


SHONA is passion. She loves what she does and it just emanates from her. She is a women entrepreneur and loves helping other entrepreneur’s, not only look their best, but probes them to find out their true happiness so they can live their dreams. She has hosted and been to events that leash out the passion inside and she always looks great doing it. She just has a knack for putting an outfit together on her and other people. She is very personable and eager. Shona is full of integrity and will get things done! I am very glad to know her!

Denielle Buttigieg, Leadership Development Professional


Shop With Shona is a passionately run business with the industry knowledge and skill of a stylish and driven woman, Shona Cruz. Her ability to listen to the client’s needs, in combination with her natural eye for fashion allows her to ensure that her clients are always the best dressed for any occasion. As a business run entirely by one woman, Shop With Shona serves as a successful example for both men and women alike, who have aspirations of running a business of their own.

Always stylish, always on-time, and always a knowledgable professional, Shop With Shona is the perfect solution to your fashion needs. Working with her on several photo shoots, she has shown her ability to remain level-headed even under the most stressful conditions.

Stephen Gaitan, Professional Photographer at Stephen Gaitan Photography


Shona Cruz is a passionate, female entrepreneur, experienced in event production with stylist capabilities, business managing skills and an enthusiastic sales/engaging ability. Her creativity blossoms in her projects and products servicing clients to accomplish their closet organizing needs and enhancing self confidence through style and closet organizing.

Melissa Borges, Owner at Melissa’s Paw Spa


I wasn’t sure whether Shop with Shona was right for me. I never thought of myself as someone who needed “help” shopping, but when I continued to shop for myself and come home with things for my family, I knew this may be just what I needed! Was I right! Shona is efficient, knowledgable and courteous. What started as a very daunting experience, Shona made into a very lovely, and productive day! I found myself in outfits that both complemented me and gave me confidence. I would recommend Shop with Shona for all those who have found themselves at the mall, feeling overwhelmed and in the end, walking out empty handed or with things you don’t really like. Shona will ease your fears and work with you. She is a dynamo in her field of fashion and I look forward to using her services again! Thank you SHOP WITH SHONA!!

Dr. Ajit Vargis , Dental Surgeon


Shopping with Shona is like shopping with your best friend (she’s too much fun!!) and a style expert all wrapped up in one! I hate clothes shopping because I don’t know what looks good on me with my body shape and I don’t how to put outfits together. I end up buying 5 same shirts, different colours and end up with nothing to wear! Shona gently stretched me out of my comfort zone and WOW what a difference! I now have a few key articles that I can mix and match and that will take me through at least 3 seasons. It’s so easy to get dressed every morning now!

Shona knows how to draw your eye away from one area or draw it to your best features, using the cut of clothing, the right pattern or simply the right accessory. She worked with my limited budget and I still got a wonderful array of possibilities!

My Christmas gift to my daughter this year was to “Shop with Shona”! My daughter is often mistaken for a high school student (maybe because she still wears her high school clothes?!) but after a few outfits under Shona’s direction, a beautiful young stylish woman started to emerge before us! Shona also gently introduced her to items she’d never worn before. Such a difference!

Shona doesn’t push you to buy what you are not comfortable with or cannot afford. The final decision is always yours!

She also has a heart for giving back: she recently came and spoke to a mentoring group I am part of. These dear women we mentor are disadvantaged single moms, at-risk and highly vulnerable. Shona shared how to shop smart with very limited budgets, how to work with what’s already in your closet, and how to bring it all together!

Sheryl Tughan, Chemical Free Enviro- Activist & Mentor


I live in Singapore and on a recent trip to Toronto, Shona took me shopping… not just ANY shopping trip, this is like my shopping trip of the year since I live overseas. I was on a really tight timeline, fitting in family, errands and events all in a very quick trip in to town. Shona knew this and was flexible. She not only helped me get the shopping done but also made sure I wasn’t late for my next appointment!
In about 2.5 hours we had tried on about 50 outfit combinations and walking out of the mall with about 15 different items that I could use to bump up my style when I got back to Singapore.  INCREDIBLE! Not only is Shona passionate and driven, she is efficient and practical as well. The latter two attributes I greatly value.
She just knows how to meet you where you are – whether you are on cloud 9 or could wear just about anything. She will bring you styles that will fit your world. If you are the more practical types, she will make you feel just as comfortable. I found Shona to be sensitive, flexible and understanding; her can-do-attitude was so inspiring. I feel like we can all use a bit of Shop With Shona in our lives – I would recommend the experience, you won’t regret it!
Thank you Shona! xo
– Joan Thomas,  Public Health Professional,  Singapore

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